Op-Ed (Letter From New Sup: KTJUSD Getting a Makeover)

Michael Reid

We commend the Two Rivers Tribune for taking both a reflective stance and a future forecast on Education in the Klamath-Trinity area. Spring is often thought of as a time of renewal of many things.

Although it is sometimes bittersweet to see our Senior and Eighth grade classes move on in both their endeavors in life as well as next educational platforms, it is always with a sense of hope and pride we watch all our youth continue on in -life’s journeys. That same sense of renewal comes with starting college or transferring to a new campus whether it’s a beginning pre-school or a Junior readying themselves for their Senior year. The educational staff of the Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District is proud to honor the many accomplishments of our students and families as we come to a close in the 2010-11 school year.

As the ‘new’ Superintendent of the Klamath-Trinity School District, I’m excited as we look forward to our time of renewal for the upcoming school year. Most notable and evident will be many changes in the facilities appearance at the school sites. Modernization plans will be numerous with specific highlights being new energy efficient windows, dual keyed entry-exit door locks, additional perma-portable classrooms and a new Concessions/Restroom facility to be placed on the Athletic Field.

As exciting as additional structures may be, it is just as exciting to begin an introspection of potential program shifts that the administrative team and staff will work toward implementing as part of the Districts Strategic Plan and Essential Core Values. This ensures we continue making student learning our highest priority. The Districts professional development team has begun their effort on readying staff training for the beginning of next school year. Numerous Teacher and Administrative teams will be attending summer workshops that include content work on Math, Response to Intervention and Instruction models and Leadership training.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with Tribal Educational committees. The opportunity to form and incorporate a collaborative working model with joint resources is highly evident and the pursuit of renewing and revitalizing these efforts is a priority status. I personally appreciate the inclusiveness that each committee has shown to me and various staff members.

As much as I resist focusing on myself; I was asked if I could provide some background for the community. This will be my thirtieth year in education which began as a 2

nd grade teacher in the Santa Cruz area. I returned to my home in the Yuba-Sutter County region to marry and raise a family. I served as a teacher, administrator and programs consultant in K-1ih grade programs for 26 years before taking a position with the Edison Learning Corporation. My wife and I spent 2 years in Hawaii and I had the honor of working with the Hawaii State Department of Education as a programs consultant providing extensive focus on Leadership and Instructional Models that create school turn-around for student learning and achievement. Knowing that we would return at the end of 2 years to both our family and loved ones, the opportunity to come the KT JUSD school district was presented. It was without reservation that I applied for the position. Again, I’m humbled to be given the privilege to be surrounded by staff and community that want the best for the students and community. I look forward to assisting in leading the future of a district which is going from good to great.

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