Man on the Run


He is the most wanted man in Humboldt County; a man that more people want to see captured than imaginable. Even people who don’t know him, want him behind bars for the killing of a well-respected and loved man in the Klamath-Trinity community.

His name is Jason Bruce ‘J-Bird’ Hunsucker. He is the last of four suspects wanted by law enforcement in connection with the homicide of Darrell Hanger, which occurred at his son’s home around 1am on May 5.

Hunsucker has been running from the law a majority of his adult life; in and out of jail and prison for numerous crimes, mostly associated with methamphetamines and theft/burglary.

But, this time he is on the run of his life, or as he put it ‘for his life.’ The community at-large is, to say the least, infuriated and fed up with Hunsucker’s lifelong history of wrongdoings. The manhunt has turned into a community effort, not to mention one of the biggest efforts organized by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department (HCSD).

The preliminary hearing began in Humboldt County Superior Court last week and all but Hunsucker’s testimony will be heard by a judge in the coming days. Hunsucker contacted freelance reporter, Shelly Middleton, over the phone last week and was eager to tell his side of the story.

The call was placed from a blocked number and was made to Middleton’s personal cell phone. Hunsucker would not disclose his location, but simply wanted to let the community know his version of the occurrences on that fateful morning when Hanger was killed.

Hunsucker said he was asked to drive his sister Sonia Hunsucker and her boyfriend Jackson Surber to the residence to burglarize the home. He was driving a stolen vehicle, a 2006 silver Toyota Tacoma, but didn’t say whether or not he was responsible for the theft of the truck.

Hunsucker was with his girlfriend, Samantha Smoker-Machado, who he said came along for the ride, but did not intend to participate in the burglary.

He said they pulled into the driveway, a short paved entrance way about 20 ft. long that connected to a carport.

“Someone with us said something had been moved, so we started to back out,” he said.

Hunsucker said Sonia and Surber had previously burglarized the same residence and went back with the impression that nobody was home.

“Before I could even hit reverse, I seen people running up behind us,” he said. “I locked my door real fast and yelled at everybody else to lock their doors too.”

Hunsucker said he was having a difficult time keeping the vehicle running and placing it in reverse because a screwdriver was used to start the vehicle when it was stolen.

He said two subjects with guns raised ran up behind the truck and ordered them to exit the vehicle. Hunsucker said Darrell Hanger opened Smoker’s door and “grabbed her by the shirt,” ordering her to the ground.

“He said, ‘You fuckin’ thieves get on the ground. I’m gonna’ show you what we do to thieves,’” said Hunsucker.

He said he quickly got the truck started back up and about the same time, Hanger let Smoker go and she ran back to the truck and jumped back into the passenger seat.

“Everybody was screaming, begging them to ‘please don’t shoot, please don’t shoot,’” said Hunsucker.

When asked if he knew there was a loaded gun in their vehicle, Hunsucker said no. He also said he was not the shooter, however he would not confirm whether Surber or Sonia was the shooter, but did say the shots fired came from the back seat.

As he began to back out, Hunsucker said the subjects began shooting at the vehicle and he and Smoker crouched down to avoid getting hit.

“It was so smoky, I couldn’t see anything,” he said. “There was shots everywhere around me…the dashboard was exploding and things were being blown apart.”

He said he could feel a bullet enter his body and Smoker jump on top of him in an attempt to try and protect him from being shot.

Hunsucker said the truck stalled out again during the gunfire and just then he looked up and saw one of the subjects fall to the ground and roll toward the truck in the yard.

“When it was all said and done, I thought I was gonna’ look over and everybody would be dead,” he said.

When the shooting stopped, Hunsucker said he looked down and saw blood saturating his coat.

“I knew we needed to get out of there. I thought I was dying. I was in pain,” he said.

When asked if he felt compelled to first attempt to try and help the man he saw fall to the ground, he answered, “I thought I was dying myself, so I couldn’t have helped him. He had people there to help him, people who wanted to kill me.”

Smoker attempted to help him exit the vehicle and the two of them ran off in one direction, while Sonia and Surber ran in another direction.

He said the next hour was a blur, with him and Smoker running through the bushes in the pitch dark attempting to find someone who would give them a ride out of the area. He said they first went to a nearby neighbor’s home and Smoker knocked on the door and asked for a ride.

They told the woman who answered the door that they had been in a car accident and that they were both drinking so they didn’t want to get the police involved. Hunsucker said the woman who answered the door said she would ask her husband’s permission to give them a ride, but he said no so they took off walking again.

“We kept waiting for the police to come and they didn’t,” he said.

Hunsucker said as time went on, and the two continued to walk and try to find help, he began feeling weaker due to the gunshot wounds he sustained.

“I was starting to space out. I didn’t know where I was,” he said.

The two came upon another house. Smoker went to the front door, knocked and a woman answered. Smoker again told the woman the same story, that the couple has got into a car accident, and that they needed to ride.

This time it worked and the woman agreed to drive them to a friends house near the golf course.

Once they arrived at their friend’s house, Hunsucker contacted a family member, who agreed to drive them to Eureka. Hunsucker claims he did not tell his family what happened, but that they had gotten into a wreck.

However, the following day, once they got news that Hanger had died, Hunsucker’s family member in Eureka asked him to leave. He said he then visited a friend in the area that was a physician and his wounds were cleaned.

Hunsucker said he was shot three times, but has four wounds, one which he believes to be an exit wound. He said he lost movement in his left hand and cannot move his left wrist as a result of the shooting.

When asked if he plans on turning himself in, Hunsucker said no.

“It’s better living life on the run, than living life in a cell,” he said.

When asked if he will surrender if law enforcement catches up to him, Hunsucker replied, “I’m gonna run, and I’m gonna run as fast as I can. I’m not gonna’ shoot. I have no bad intentions towards the cops.”

Hunsucker also said he is not the cold-blooded killer that many are making him out to be.

“I’m not a killer at all. I’m not a threat to anyone…I didn’t go there with the intention of hurting anyone and I’m sorry for what happened, especially to the Sylvia family, who I grew up with. That was a great loss to me. I have a lot of love for that family. I understand that man was trying to protect his property, but we begged for our lives and they weren’t gonna stop,” he said.

He admits to being a lifelong criminal and said methamphetamine is the root to his problems.

“I’ve been a criminal all my life. I’m like Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde when I’m sober and when I’m not,” said Hunsucker. “There’s no excuse for what I’ve done in the past. I don’t know…I guess it’s something I’ve grown up doing.”

Hunsucker said he does have remorse for what happened to Hanger and his family and said he did not go to the residence to harm anyone.

“Its like impending doom…like a nightmare,” he said.

In order to be fair to all parties involved, the TRT attempted to contact Ryan Hanger, a witness to the crime, however we were asked not to call again and that he would not talk to the media.


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  1. RiverKeeper says:

    This is tabloid journalism at its finest…This sounds like what Tony Kinder tried to do by granting an interview to “tell his side of the story”. BS!! plain and simple. This guy is a criminal and i dont care what he has to say or what “his” story is. He went there to commit a crime and he obviously has no remorse about that night. He is a murderer, and isnt it nice of him to push the blame on his fellow criminals. He has family helping him in Hoopa (a house on Pine Creek for example) and as far as im concerned, they are criminals too. While “his” story makes our little paper, his parnters accounts paint a much different picture in a court of law. This guy will be running until he gets caught and it makes our communities unsafe and frightened.

    • Butterfly says:

      It is strange how people can attack a man, who has enough in him to tell the other side of the story. An inocent man or woman would have never gone to the media with his or her side of the story. There was a homicide that took place in Eureka , where four Native Americans were involved. Many know those four and the families were stricken deeply. No one really paid heed to the incident and names have been kept secret due to where and what families they came from, yet we are so hasty to condemn and hang without a jury. The TRT has done a awesome job on covering Willow Creek incident and there is nothing wrong with us hearing it from both sides. This could be your future son, daughter or grandchildren, neice or nephew and maybe today we have a loved one who has made wrong choices and are in prison, or on drugs,have been involved in a theft for whatever reasons, so we need to be open to hear the truth, even when the gain does not fall into our hearing as we want it.

    • hunsucker says:

      You guys are the crimanals plot on stopping people grabbing wemoan out of trucks pointing guns at them every one knows you can’t carry a fully loaded gun or have bullets in the same place or transport a gun fully loaded from one house to the next all felony charges and everyone knows you turn lightson shoot in the air maybe and first befroe anything call the cops its the law

    • Angilica Martin says:

      Judge not, for your mind condemns you before you speak.

  2. Badger says:

    Amazing how fictional Jason is. A death occcurred because a fine family man was protecting his family against thugs and thieves like him.

    Secondly, I’m a little than more concerned about a physician who would help a wanted man with bullet wounds. I thought that was against the law. Maybe someone should call the California Physician Complaint Hotline.

  3. Hoopa Citizen says:

    There are two sides to every story. Two wrongs don’t make a right. While Hunsucker made a bad choice that night, so did the Hanger family with their vigilante minded justice. Evidence in court given at the preliminary shows inconsistencies in the testimony given by the Hanger family.
    Secondly, the paper has the responsibility to report the story in an unbiased manner without taking sides or censoring the news. So stop the harrassment and threats.

  4. Disgusted says:

    SHAME on the so called “reporter” (more like paid gossip specialist) who had the audacity to put this article in the community newspaper. And shame on you Two Rivers Tribune editor for allowing this to be published. This reporter has been allowed to print gossip in the past and this has crossed the line. There is no justifying this article! This addict is on the run for murder, as far as I knew real reporters don’t do interviews with wanted criminals. And why wasn’t the police contacted as soon as he called the reporter? If this happened to one of your families TRT reporters would you be running these articles? Probably not. This community is too damn small to have sloppy reporting such as this. TRT you already had to say sorry once to the Hanger family, now what? I will never spend my money on this ridiculous paper again.

    • huh? says:

      No actually all good investigative reporters from as far as I can remember have done interviews with high profile fugitives, that is called reporting the news. The Hanger family gets to tell their side, so does the accused. What bothers me the most is the fact that the Hanger’s had to defend their home with arms from tweak idiots like Hunsucker. If everyone wants to be mad, let us all agree to be mad at the system that continually puts these idiots back on the street. Both those Hunsucker’s should be under a jail somewhere for the crimes they have done in the past, I still cannot figure out why Sonia was out on the streets from her previous home invasions and burglaries downriver and in Klamath with Buck Scott. Be mad at a failed system, not those who report the news…

    • JB says:

      Looks like you read the paper for free anyway…

      Who said they didn’t call the police? Besides you…

      • Actually says:

        No actually I was a subscriber. And the reporter didn’t call the police, it was apparent in the article. It’s obvious when they are posting it all over facebook too. Common sense tells you, that if they did call the police, it would have been included in the article for fear of backlash. Unless you have none. And your use of ellipses is wrong.

        • JB says:

          If lacking common sense is based solely on presumption, then yes I lack common sense. You, on the contrary, must have a plethora of common sense.
          If I was requested to write this article by a person who has acted the way Bruce Jason Stallings-Hunsucker has, by a person that is running around in my community causing harm to others and himself, I would think twice about also including the fact I called the cops on him in the article. That’s the backlash I would fear. Not the backlash from a few people who refuse to pay 75 cents a week to read the newspaper. I’d fear a more painful backlash.
          And really…punctuation nagging…it’s not a pretty…look! I’ll let you read between the ellipsIs…spelled with two I’s. Unless, we are talking about oval’s…then in that case I totally used them wrong…

      • Angilica Martin says:

        When we pay for internet, we pay for the online newspaper also. Get your brain out of the sand. Go to school.

    • hunsucker says:

      All I know is if the trt owes them a apology they owe the hunsuckers an apology for mike lees letter of a man who thinks he or his family is hollier than though saying all kindws of offendind things but that’s not what we ask for we just ask both sidesget heard same goes to the times standard they need to get their stoey right. At least this paper tries for truth regaurdless of contraversy

    • Angilica Martin says:

      TRT is the best newspaper in Humboldt County. Don’t have a problem, allowing the community at large be a part of the life up and around all the hard to live places. Thank you TRT.

  5. please says:

    Poor Poor Man! “We were only driving the stolen truck with a loaded assault rifle to go rob the home of a hard working family man we’d ALREADY robbed when the homeowner and his family attempted to detain us until police arrived. Just because we killed a man who was defending his family everyone thinks I’m a bad guy!” Yeah, Poor Poor Man!

    • Angilica Martin says:

      He Never said he was a poor man and he is not begging for your pity, no where does he beg for your pity, so get a grip public at large, heard there is a lot of tweaks in Humboldt County, everywhere. Just some of them are smart enough to keep under cover and hide behind the scene. Encourage the other to hustle for their sugar. Whoever is without sin , throw the first stone. who ever has family from generation to generation free without sin then throw stones. Just your thoughts condemn you, you don’t have to act on them, your thoughts have done the evil dead. Just looking at a woman with lust is a sin. Read the Holy Bible, he tells us nothing but the truth, so I am just saying, cool it on judging who ever Hunsucker or Hunsuckers are. Judge, Judge, Judge , Condemnation written everywhere, look at your heart, your thoughts and ask yourself am I right in all my ways. I may not steal, but I sure know how to judge, condemn and hang someone with words alone.

  6. JH says:

    Jason Hunsucker….. what a story you tell, I hope you are caught soon, very soon, so you can pay for what you have done!

    • hunsucker says:

      Ill be glad to see the court case get going then you won’t be talkin so much about pay for what people did caese in due time your side will get caught lieing and be charged with waiting around with fully loaaded weapons with all bad intentions

  7. People's Voice says:

    Disgusting is also stupid and obviously knows nothing about journalism. Many journalists have interviewed wanted criminals. We are not a communist state and have something called “freedom of the press”. As citizens in this community we have the right to hear both sides of the story. I commend TRT for printing this article. Let people hear both sides and make up their own mind about what happened that May night.
    Most people I have talked to feel like there was a lot more to the story. I am sick of certain people feeling so righteous and judgmental. I have had my house broken into before and it didn’t make me want to take the law into my own hands and murder for my possessions. Isn’t that what this comes down to? What if these perpetrators weren’t felons but teenagers? Would there life have been worth possessions? What if some innocent person happened to turn into the wrong driveway? Would they have deserved to be pulled out of their vehicle and have guns held on them? Not everything is black and white. My opinion may not be the most popular but believe me there are a lot in our community who feel like me.

    • MH says:

      See this is the sad part to TRT printing this story. You are listening to Hunsucker’s account of what happened that night, how can we be for sure that the Hanger’s drew guns first. How does “the reporter” really know it was Hunsucker over the phone. And if teenagers or anyone for that matter enters someone else’s personal property with guns that they intend on using, then the property owners are with their rights to shoot them. This is why it is our jobs as parents to teach our children right from wrong.

  8. concerned citizen says:

    Put the blame where blame is due. None of this would have happened if the 4 people did not go up to rob the house in the first place. They started this whole thing, they need to pay for their crime. The other one on the run is nothing but a coward, he needs to turn himself in.

  9. Ignorance is Bliss says:

    If anyone is a coward it is those of you who choose to judge and remain nameless. Why is it that both sides should not be heard? What are you afraid of, the truth? What is at risk by this man telling his side other than the other side being exposed? Sending your family to another residence and arming yourself with the lights off is lying in wait and considered a punishable crime in the state of California.
    Those of you who judge should look in your own backyards. Ignorance is bliss!

    • MH says:

      This is why we have a court system. The paper job is to step inside the jail or court room and tell the story. Tell a man story while he still on the run is aiding and abetting too. If it was your family killed by “ARMED ROBBERS” how would you feel about this story.

  10. Sasha Le Mieux says:

    This article only serves as an aggravation to an unfortunate event. Everyone has a right to support their families in a time of need. However, the negative speculation of both parties does not need to manifest here. That is for a court room and it needs to stay there. We all agree the event did not need to escalate, the reality is that it did, and ultimately all parties involved came to their own individual decisions. It is time for the hate mongering to stop on all sides.

  11. JH says:

    TO: “People’s Voice” & “Ignorance is Bliss”
    If it was your father, brother, son, or family member that was murdered by Jason Hunsucker, I am sure you would have a completely different opinion. And everything is black and white, a crime was committed, several! Jason Hunsucker and his crew were not there to sale girl scout cookies. they had a gun, they were there the night before, they came back for the TV & freezer, they had already stole everything else, NOBODY was “lying in wait” for them, they were asleep…!!!!!
    My turn for the soap box…all four of these people are repeat offenders, from home invasions, drug use, car theft, and now MURDER! Their actions lead to the murder of my cousin! My cousin was not at their house stealing their property that they had worked for, no, he was at his son’s house because they thought someone might come back. If they could do it over again I bet they would of just left their property out on the curb so Hunsucker and company could of just picked it up and been on their merry little way, but this is the real world and we all like the stuff we work hard for. But some people have never been taught about right from wrong, or they prefer to use the excuse that the drugs made me do it, I was never like this till I tried drugs……All choice’s they made, so let’s stop making excuses for them….
    “people’s voice” and “ignorance is bliss” you have a right to your opinion, I just hope Hunsucker goes to your house next time.

    • Ignorance is Bliss says:

      You among many others are hypocrits! You are condoning violence and yet you preach about stealing and drug abuse. The Hanger men had an elaborate plan which was revealed in court by the neighbor who was also supposed to be included, to surround the theives that entered their driveway with guns.
      You contradict yourself in your own posting! You say they were not lying in wait, yet you turn around and say they were awaiting the theives (with guns) that had been there before…In the first interview given by a Hanger, he stated that they were awaiting the theives, whom they suspected were teenagers.
      What makes the Hangers any better than the criminals you call murderers? They let off the first rounds. What types of materials are worth risking the lives of your family or taking the lives of others?
      I am entitled to my opinion and you of yours. But, if you are going to dish it out, you better be willing to take what others have to dish out as well.

    • hunsucker says:

      If that’s the case I hope. You pullin the wrong drive way and the people start shooting out your tires and yank you out the ride then right look at both sides and don’t be thinking you or any one else is an angel and this paper is allowing bothsides so don’t hate

  12. Missing the point! says:

    I’m not stupid, I don’t need a lesson on journalism and “freedom of press.” I said reporters not journalists or investigative reporters. As for reporters and their unbiased presentation of the news, it’s generally thought it’s supposed to be for the public good. Our public is our tiny community and many people are heated about this article, and a few some agree he should have his say. Although, is it okay that these reporters shared a wanted criminal’s side of the story, in a community where we still continue to see and hear this person’s menacing behavior? Above all else we are people with emotions before being reporters, and this boils down to a moral/ethical issue because of the dynamics of our area and the ongoing danger this person is causing. This person has been leading police on chases about every other week. And let’s not forget he lead the police on a chase through the elementary/high school students who were running in a school activity. And he should still be allowed to voice his opinion, because it’s okay to still endanger people? If there are two sides to every story, he’s not helping his by continuing to put people in harm’s way.

  13. JH says:

    To: “Ignorance is Bliss”
    You ran your mouth first “Ignorance” insulting my family, like you have some kind of idea of what happened or you have your version of 1st hand knowledge of what the truth is. Twist my words or the words of others. The truth will come out on all of this crime, no one in my family is lying, and we know what productive, law abiding citizens Hunsucker and his crew are. “What makes the Hangers any better than these Murders” How about he was a hard working, tax paying productive member of this community, he was not out robbing, stealing, doing drugs, oh yeah and killing someone protecting their home.
    Now as each day passes we see how Hunsucker moves about freely in our community unchecked by residents, by the tribal police or hso. He has out run them twice on an ATV, and they still cannot catch him. I am disappointed, I am disgusted and I am ashamed of the departments we tax payers contribute to that are allowing this each day, but when Hunsucker robs someone else or kills another innocent person running from the police we will all be to blame for what has been allowed or overlooked, turning a blind eye to him as he walks by is as guilty of an act as giving him a ride somewhere or allowing him to stay in your home.

  14. Disgusting says:

    This article is absolutely disgusting. This man is a murderer and should have been locked away for good from the start of all his malicious actions. Shame on all you idiots who believe this article should have been written. Must show your lack of education!!!!

    • Angilica Martin says:

      I read the article, this man J.Hunsucker is no murderer. Get all your heads out from under your wings.

  15. hunsucker says:

    I’m at those court cases and don’t you think its funny his story matches up with the other guys in jail but the hanger story doesn’t match his neibors or any one elses strange right and in court on the stand they admit to having fully loaded guns in armreach with a box of bullets to gowith it and also. Admited that his dad said let’s stop the car in other words went out with no intentions on letting any one go also hea dmitted his dad shot the first bullet almost instantly. Also not one light gets turnedon what’s that not a copped called what’s that he says that his dad only shot twice and he only shot twice but the windsheild had a bullet the doors had bullets the dash. Had a bullet the tires had abullet surber got hit by a bullet hunsucker got hit by two or mre one was in the cup holder that’s just a couple more than four also things must be said if they let the hangers ride as vigalenties then every might think its ok to sit fully loaded gun. Around all thetime and its not it is fully a felony remember that

  16. hunsucker says:

    The hanger story is all bad only four bullets between him and his dad he can’t remember anythingthatwas said until you read him the report then he wsays things like I might have said that thenthe neighbor straight says that old man hanger said he. Was going to stya the night there incase theycome back and that he would call him to come and surround themnoww if that isn’t lying and waiting I don’t know whatis then there’s. The lady who did the walk through didn’t do her job at all barely only put two projection rods through the bullet holes. Let the cops release the truck one of the main peices of evidence and doesn’t do a diagram which I s also protocal. Which she can. Tell you herself butdecided not to do it said her. And an officer disgust it but decided it wasn’t nessasary strange and not right but still she did take pictures that show glass where the carport ends not where the boy said he shot at itso it show the cab was shot then from different angle so his story don’t match the evidence and my families do what aboutthat and the first crime made that day was the lying and waiting of the hangers no matterhow you look at it

  17. Hunter says:

    I myself found the article unbiased and to the point. The reporter did not chose sides, did not condone, or express support for Hunsucker, or any of his companions. I remember a time when the hum bolt county DA and sheriff told the residences of out lying areas to protect themselves and their property from drug users because the sheriff’s department didn’t have the man power to place deputies in all the smaller towns in Humboldt county. The Hanger family was trying to do the right thing. They were trying to effect a citizen arrest until police could arrive and take the four criminals to jail, yes they had weapons but they would not have used them unless fired upon. All this is going to do is make people trigger happy, and Hunsuckers going to be brought in in a body bag. Hunsucker needs to turn himself in before he gets himself or one of his family members killed.

  18. hunsucker says:

    Keep stong to my family we will be together again

  19. Shame on You Rejects says:

    Man what a great story. Thx for a great story. Hope this guy gets himself sorted out. Not a smart call to commit burglary–things that bad in your part of the country…or to get a gunfight goin when yer in too deep now the devils at your door but thank you TRT for putting the reality of this gritty world into voice thru the antihero of this drama and god rest the soul of the undeserving man despicably killed. There will never be justice for anyone, no matter what

  20. Sick People says:

    This makes me sick! I am so glad that little baby wasnt there! People need to put into consideration “this was a normal happy family enjoying life raising a baby awesome parents! Then all of the sudden their world comes cashing down because of some tweake dout losers that had no consideration of any ones life. Imagine your family laughing having fun then all of the sudden you get robbed people are shot someone is killed. you cant take death back sorry wont do it! he makes me sick i hope he burns in hell! Every1 that sticks up for him deserves to burn to! This makes hoopa look worse than it did before i dont see why everyone gives us such a bad name come on losers MAN UP! I will turn him in right when i see or know where he is!

  21. PJ says:

    Well, I have read the posts.. bottom line is: If u take a gun on to someone else’s property with the intent of taking something that does NOT belong to your and shots are fired YOU ARE GUILTY OF A CRIME!!!! I lived in WC for over 32 years and we always had firearms available. No one has the right to invade another’s property with the intent to STEAL and thats what those 4 people were doing!!!! What has happened to the pride of the Hoopa people to allow this kind of unlawful behavior?? and NOT do something about it. Does not matter if white or Native American or any other race Right is Right and these 4 were WRONG!!!

  22. PISSED OFF says:



  23. PISSED OFF says:



  24. Angilica Martin says:

    Everyone smile, four innocent people not guilty of murder setting in Humboldt County Jail over people taking the law into their own hands. What is it call? I think Vigilante & Lynching. You better all study up on the law, this is a horrific crime taken against the four charged with murder. If the law does proceed with murder charges, then everyone out there, watch out, cause somebody is going to vigilante & lynch someone you know & say Willow Creek people did & so can I. Be honest with yourselfs, you know the truth, the four charged with murder only had the intent to steal & each of you know they were shot at more than four times and whoever those teenagers they first thought it was, whew, people think about it. Non-Educated, Educated, babies, High School Students are all talking about it as you would think. The people taking the law into their hands is guilty of pre-mediated murder, vigilante, lynching, attempted murder, murder, felony abuse, and the four in jail are guilty of trespassing and the intent to steal. So get your heads out of your back yard. Several people who are held in jail right now – never murdered any one and no one is guilty of any crime until proven otherwise. Vigilante & lynching on the four, means they were tried that night. Hm mm, wonder where they were going to throw those four Native Americans bodies. Oh, lets not forget they are poor Native Americans, no one would hire them, noses were up in the air, He or She must be guilty of murder, why, well they tried to defend themselves, your kidding defend themselves, what those native Americans think they were doing, they should have know put arms in the air and allow themselves to be shot. I just feel sorry for any persons who pointed their fingers at them, because even Jesus wrote in the sand & said let him without sin, be the one to cast the first stone. Lesson I learned from all of this, never ever take the law into your own hands, cause I could loose a family member or loved one. Teach your children, no trespassing, no stealing, don’t take the law into your own hands, don’t try to take revenge though the law by your own mistake, don’t do drugs, don’t trust anyone who has no love of Jesus or for all the different beauties of human beings God created. Good Bye. Won’t be looking at peoples comments no, to much condemning & judgement with out evidence and forensics.

  25. 344thBrother says:

    Hunsucker hired me as a cook meth and paid everythng in my trailer. Gonna miss that bro.

  26. Eric says:

    Journalism used to consist of:


    And sometimes how. However that is more of a descriptive issue and should be utilized for investigative purposes, but can be inserted for descriptive usages if necessary.

    Most of the news stories in and around the country impose their views and opinions. Most of the networks have simply moved on to sensationalism. Not that I am condoning that type of news reporting, but it is being done.

    For example:

    The Whooping Cough Vaccine is not a required mandation for 9th graders and up, it is a recomendation. Section 3.1 of the mandate of the TDAP law, states specificly that if a child has a waiver on file they do not need to be vaccinated. The key word of the law in the phrase is “unless waived”. But say that, and the story may be withdrawn or eliminated in favor of some story that is sensationalized…

    My point, most of the news stories you read from any reporter (S) or otherwise is slanted on purpose and with intent to capture the viewers/readers interest.
    We need to get back to the basics.


  27. Who is to blame says:

    I was born and raised down river, and went to school in hoopa. I now live on the east coast. I know both families involved in this horrible incident. I grew up with the hunsuckers and worked with Ryan hanger. When I first heard about what happened, I hate to admit wasn’t surprised. Hoopa has, been getting worse and worse. I graduated in 02 and already have had at least 5 very good friends die. Frankie Marshall, tommy Morton, Terrance Davis, Ryan olmo, Sean Watson, yale, the list goes on. All related to drugs or alcohol. what I want to know is when is it going to be enough. I have spent my time since graduation traveling. Anywhere and everywhere. I have seen many beautiful places, but none more beautiful the the Rez. Why can’t anyone there see it. Quit killing yourselfs and others. Quit letting your children turn out like you. Set better examples for our youth or crimes just like this will continue. I know Jason, and it’s terrible what he involved himself in, but this could be any of you. Put a stop to it. Growing up I would watch the biggest dope dealer do as he pleased. Everyone knows who they are, but yet no one wants to stop them because they are your cousin, uncle, brother. Some day I want to return and raise my family in a place that culture is thought since birth, but I will never bring children into a place like hoopa is today.

  28. Tamera says:

    Well it’s insane what people do to thieves, but I don’t believe you have to pull a gun and start shooting. I realize people need to work for their money not think about stealing from peoples homes. I myself wouldn’t think I am so powerful I can start a war all because someone tried or burglarized my home. There is so much going on in the reservation I don’t like, I am better off where I am at, because I have 4 wonderful kids plus my Niece and it’s way better than bringing them up in a place like Hoopa. I have very good kids and I want to keep it that way, better schooling,etc… Well I hope someday things change and our people think and do better for themselves because we all know drugs,drinking, etc are killing off our people and making bad decisions the use of firearms. Is this how we want our kids to grow up? stealing, doing drugs, killing, etc… It’s time to better yourselves and do something with your life then doing stuff like this. I do believe we all want to be better for the best and keep our reservation a safe place to be and live a peaceful life.

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