Mountain Voices (The Hill Oaks Chant)

The Hill Oaks Chant

Look at the hills,

The winter’s bare oaks

Are starting their

Spring show.

Not splashes of

Yellows and reds,

That’s an autumn glow.

Now it’s light chartreuse

And pinks,

The more subtle colors

Of paints and inks.

Buds are swelling,

About to burst.

For light and warmth

Growing leaves thirst.

The hill oaks autumn out

In a blaze of glory.

In spring; however,

It’s another story.

Little buds creep

Very slowly,

Waiting in fear of

Another icy blow.

They are waiting

For sun to boldly show

So they can really

Start to grow!

All of a sudden

The hill oaks turn green!

Their place in the sun

Is a glorious sheen.

The birds are singing,

Their voices ringing.

Yes, spring is here

For another year,

An echo of

A pleasure dear.

Look up!

Summer is near.

Ice is no longer a fear.

~By Waldo Cook

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February 1st, 2011



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