Mountain Voices

Christmas Town

The snow is falling,

Its softness like

A blanket of down.

Carolers singing,

A church bell ringing,

Christmas has come to our town.

Peace on earth,

Good will toward all.

From chimney to chimney,

Santa will make his call.

Like the three wise men

Who followed that radiant star.

To be with loved ones,

Families come from afar.

Excited hearts beating,

Joy and happiness profound.

Christmas has come to our town.

The big white cross,

Standing alone atop

The old church spire,

The fireplace entertaining

A bright flame of a

Cozy warm fire.

Lights on the tree

Reflecting the snow

On the window sill,

Stockings hanging,

Waiting for Santa to fill.

A setting so complacent

Like the babe asleep on the hay.

The rapture of Yuletide spirit is here

In every joyous way.

The music and laughter,

Such a mirthful sound.


Christmas has come to our town.

–Ranold Beck

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December 15th, 2010


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