‘Owhwhe (I’m Reading)

By Kristin Freeman, Kim Yerton Memorial Library

Warm summer days….time for visits to the swimming hole or pool and then to sit in the shade and sip a cool drink and read a good book. All the pieces form a summer day here in the river valleys. Summer Reading club has just passed the middle day and we’re heading down the homestretch with the finish line being the first day of school.

As readers finish their reading record and play the spinner game they will receive their pizza certificate for a free personal pizza at Roundtable. Their name will also go into a drawing for extra incentive gifts that have been donated by local businesses and library supporters. Every reader who finishes a game card will receive at least one incentive prize. What an exciting reading summer we are having and thanks to the Summer Reading Club coordinator, Janice Davis the rewards are abundant.

Tuesday is craft day at KYML for all Summer Reading Club participants. This week the theme is Drift Towards the Library. The craft project, directed by Beth Trees in her last week of programming for KYML this summer, is something about salmon. You’ll have to stop by at 2pm to see what she has planned for you to make this week. Every day the craft tables are set-up and reserved for readers in SRC and Janice has abundant projects for anyone who would like to craft. Our readers Make Waves and Make A Splash at KYML this year.

Recording of stories from local folks are being scheduled now at KYML. We have a nice collection from our first year of the story telling grant and look forward to using the equipment we received as a part of the project that now belongs to the library for use in ongoing library recording projects. Call the library at 625-5082 to schedule a time to record your stories when the library is closed. This gives the storyteller some quiet and privacy as they weave their pictures from the past. We make a recording, edit the recording and then put the recording in the Humboldt County Library collection, the library of the state of California and most importantly to make copies of the story for the storytellers to share with their family and friends. The California of the Past Digital Story Recording Project, for which the KYML has been chosen as a participant, is supported in whole or in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act administered by the California State Librarian. Technical Services are provided by Media Arts Center San Diego.

Threadbenders are always busy during the summer and yet have time to spend knitting, quilting, beading and basket making. KYML has set aside two hours each Friday from 11 am to 1 pm for anyone in the community who would like to come and work on a project in the cool and comfortable space available just for Threadbenders. Folks are welcome to come for any portion of the two hours and we look forward to seeing you there.

Reading gets less attention from me when on a vacation and it is good to be back home so the books selected from the on-line Humboldt County Library catalogue can be read. The Confessions of Catherine de Medici by C.W. Gortner is almost completed; This piece of fiction is written about a woman of great importance in the history of Europe. The story is compelling and doesn’t allow for much putting the book down time. As soon as the last page is read the new book by a most popular author, Isabel Allende is waiting to be opened and devoured by this Allende fan. Island Beneath the Sea is a work of fiction which takes place on the island of Saint-Domingue, Zarite. The reviews have been solid and getting into the story cannot happen any too soon for me.

Do you have a book just waiting for you to sit down and open the cover? Once you get that far you will be ready to READ, READ, READ!


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