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By Kristin Freeman, Kim Yerton Memorial Library

Summer Reading Club for the young folks in our area got a wonderful beginning the last two weeks. From the Kick-Off Party that had a full house of over 70 people at KYML to hear Paul Woodland tell stories after which Beth Trees taught the first craft class of the SRC to the many parents who came in to sign their children up for the program and to get library cards for those students who do not yet have a card.

A refresher of information for those of you familiar with the process and general library card information for those new to the library card system follows: If a young person is your child or dependent it is easy to get a library card for them and takes only the time to have your pertinent information, state photo ID or tribal enrollment card verified, recorded in the computer with contact information, and the library card is ready for the signature of the responsible adult. Pre-school children may have a library card assigned to them and this is a very good way to teach the young folks how to manage their library materials. Families find it easiest to have a specific place for storing library materials so that they do not become lost in the family’s own library or disappear behind something in the child’s bedroom. Fines are imposed when materials are not returned in a timely manner to the library; 25 cents each day the material is late to a maximum fine of $1 for children’s print materials, $5 for adult print materials and $10 for audio-visual materials. These fines do add up quickly and when materials are not returned there is an assessment for the material replacement added to the charges due. To clear this assessment a customer only needs to return the library materials in good condition and then only the late fees need be paid. Whew!! I am glad to be finished with the explanation yet I know it is important for families to know how to get a card for their children and what to expect if library materials are not returned in a timely fashion.

Summer Reading Club

Are you ready to record a story from your life here in the two river valleys? Need some help with the format or development of your story? Staff persons at the library are ready to give you some assistance with this part of the project. We’re nearly at the end of the first year of the grant, tomorrow June 30, and have applied for an additional year of funding so that we may continue with the recording of stories to add to the collection of KYML, Humboldt County Library and the California State Library.

Reading this week has included some personal research on the structure and process of creating lace. Many of the Threadbenders are working on knitted lace projects and the discussion of the history of lace developed among the members. I located two out of print books by Doris Southard and have been nightly reading and refreshing my knowledge gained from years of study of needle and bobbin lace-making with members of the International Old Lacers. To watch the deft hands of local knitters making lace as lovely as any I have seen created with needle or bobbins has pushed me back into times past in my life and in the lives of centuries of lace makers. When not doing this research reading I was thrilled to get the “The God of the Hive” by Laurie King, a mystery writer who is a favorite of many w ho come to get library materials at KYML. This book is fighting for time with my research and today Laurie King has won the competition; I am heading to the river with book and a thermos of tea to enjoy the story. Have you found that book that excites you and draws you into the text? If not, come in to KYML and we’ll assist you in finding a good read; if so, no time is better than the present to get comfortable and READ, READ, READ!!

meets on Friday from 11 am to 1 pm. If you know a young person who wants to learn to knit have them contact the circulation desk at KYML. We will prepare a beginners kit and give lessons during the Threadbenders’ regular Friday sessions. If there is interest in learning some simple embroidery we will also make-up kits for learning that skill as well. Give the library a call and we will get you started with one of our thread bending projects. craft activity learning session will be on Tuesday, today, from 2-5pm at KYML. Beth Trees will be instructing the project for this week with the assistance of Janice Davis, the Summer Reading Club Coordinator. If the participants are not able to be in today, the craft will be available to work on throughout the rest of the week; just check-in with Janice and she will get you the necessary materials and help you with the project. It is exciting for the staff to have this extensive craft project offering for SRC this year. Game boards for pre-school through primary grades, Make a Splash at Your Library and reading records for the older elementary students and junior/senior high school students, Make Waves at Your Library, are at the circulation desk ready for sign ups.



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June 10th, 2010



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